FSP Research Papers

These papers address researchers, policy makers, donor agencies, educators, and international development practitioners. They provide the evidence for policy recommendations. They explain the research methodology and analysis, detail and synthesize the results with a recapitulative conclusion. These can have a country, regional, or more global focus. They are co-authored, reflecting the multi-disciplinary, collaborative and cross-institutional work of FSP. The Papers are listed in descending chronological order, and are also linked from the relevant country, component and thematic pages.

  • A Market Survey of Fraudulent Pesticides Sold in Mali

    Published on December 10, 2019

    Steven Haggblade, Naman Keita, Abdramane Traoré, Pierre Traoré, Amadou Diarra and Veronique Thériault, 2019. A Market Survey of Fraudulent Pesticides Sold in Mali. FSP Research Paper 157.