Mid-Michigan Variety Trials

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Animal Agriculture and the Environment

Erica Rogers, MSU Extension Environmental Management Educator. Erica provides local as well as statewide leadership and educational programming in environmental issues related to livestock production. Contact Erica at 989-875-5296 or

The Michigan State University Environmental Quality for Agriculture team provides industry information on air quality, biosecurity, diet modification, mortality management and water conservation. Some useful bulletins are featured on the MSU Extension website under Emerging Issues in Animal Agriculture.

Farm Management

Farming is a business. MSU Extension offers an enormous assortment of farm management educational programs and individual assistance. A team of Regional farm management agents, campus specialists and local agents provide up-to-date resources to help producers more effectively manage their operations. These resources include financial analysis and projections, tax planning, marketing strategies, estate planning, family farm transfers, record keeping, land or machinery rental agreements, labor management, agriculture regulations and other related topics. 

There are a number of farm management related resources at Dennis Stein’s website,

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Demand for certified organic products is increasing 15%-20% annually providing niche opportunities for farm families interested in exploring organic farming production. Organic farmers from Mid-Michigan and the thumb meet on a regular basis sharing information. 

Below are links to some resources for individuals interested in transitioning to organic farming.


Casey Zangaro, MSU Extension Swine Educator. Casey provides local as well as statewide leadership and educational programming in Swine Production. Contact Casey at 989-875-5292 or

Articles authored by Casey:

Part 1 of Mycotoxins in Swine Feed: Deoxynivalenol, March 6, 2019

Part 2 of Mycotoxins in Swine Feed: Zearalenone, March 6, 2019

Part 3 of Mycotoxins in Swine Feed: Alleviation Tactics of Mycotoxins, March 6, 2019