8th Annual, The Art of Bonsai, September 20, 2020; POSTPONED UNTIL 2021


Sunday, September 20, from 11:00AM to 4:00PM




Exhibitor Registration

Bonsai will be accepted for exhibit from 7:30AM to 10:30AM.  Bonsai trees are expected to remain on display until the exhibit closes at 4:00PM

To reserve bonsai exhibit space, open the Exhibitor Registration Form.  Or call Samantha Howard at 517-431-2060.

Vendor Registration

Vending spaces will be staked out on the lawn, along the west edge of the main parking lot.  Vendors will need to provide their own tables, chairs, shelters, etc.  No vending space will be smaller than 10 x 15 ft.  Depending on demand, larger vending spaces may be available.

Gate to the Gardens will be open at 7:30AM.  Set up of your vending area can begin as soon as your space is assigned after arrival.  Please plan to be in occupation of your space and available to the public by 11:00AM.  Dismantling of your sales space can begin at 4:00PM.

To reserve vending space, open the Vendor Registration Form.  Or call Samantha Howard at 517-431-2060.