Temperate House

Late winter brings an early look at spring with blooming forced bulbs in the temperate house. These bulbs were planted in the fall in pots and stored in a cold frame for the winter. They were brought into a warm greenhouse to be forced into bloom. Forsythia was also cut from the grounds and brought in to warm up and bloom.




 Tropical Aquatics

Tropical Dome

The tropical dome provides a glimpse into the crops from the tropics that are their economic engine. Cocoa (chocolate), citrus, sugar cane, papaya, coffee, vanilla and many others are found under this dome. The humidity and warmth allow these plants to thrive even in the coldest of Michigan winters.

Arid Dome

The arid dome is a dry place lacking humidity and moisture. This space can go for months without watering the soil. The plants are specially adapted to tolerate extremes in temperature and moisture. But watch out!  If you touch, they just might poke back.