Non-Livestock Projects

CornNon-Livestock Projects

All Hillsdale County 4-H members have the opportunity to learn more about a subject through completing hands on activities (also called projects).   Each project has guidelines and requirements that help the youth through the learning process. Different clubs may focus on different projects as they provide adult volunteers who are knowledgeable on that particular subject. The club volunteers or MSU Extension staff will often times provide workshops to allow members to learn about that topic in a social environment.

Projects are meant to be worked on over time, providing an educational opportunity for youth outside of the classroom setting. Youth may exhibit and display their project at the Hillsdale County Fair in order to show the community what they have learned.  These exhibits are anything that is not an animal. There is a large number of opportunities that clubs and individuals can choose.  4-H+Still+Life+Logo

  • Needlework
  • Culinary Arts
  • Fine Arts and Crafts
  • Folk Arts
  • Photography
  • Agriculture
  • Floriculture
  • Science Industrial Arts
  • Natural Resources
  • Public Speaking
  • Demonstrations
  • Shooting Sporting
  • Tractor Driving Skills