Interested in supporting our research and outreach efforts? 

1. Research on fertility and pregnancy in humans and animals

The primary field of research in the lab is understanding how we can improve fertility and pregnancy outcome in humans and animals. We specifically focus on the role of light and the bodies 24h circadian time keeping system. We also study how mental health, sex hormones and reproductive health interact!

MSU Today featured our work on preterm birth in July 2021 Identifying mothers at risk of preterm births

2. Research on shelter animal wellbeing

How can we improve animal wellbeing in the shelter setting? Help support our research on improving light and housing conditions for shelter animals.

3. Outreach, science fairs, workshops and advocacy on sleep and school start time

We study and educate about why sleep matters and how we can improve teen wellbeing and academic success through adequate school start times-for more details see SSLiM 

There are a number of easy ways to help us advance our work. This can be done through donations to support a student (fellowship) or by giving a gift to the lab. 


To make a gift to the lab to help our research

Send a check at the attention to Dr. Hanne Hoffmann. Please make the check payable to MSU. 

Address:  Attention Hanne Hoffmann, Animal Science, 1290 Anthony Hall, 474 S. Shaw Lane, East Lansing MI 48824, USA

With credit card. Please contact Dr. Hoffmann by email

To support a student on a defined project you are particularly interested in 

If you desire to support a student to work on a specific project through a fellowship, please contact Dr. Hoffmann by email 

Want to know more before you donate?

Contact Dr. Hoffmann by email, mail or phone / 517 353 1415 / Hanne Hoffmann, ISTB#3010, 766 Service Road, East Lansing MI 48824, USA