September 2020. Autumn Mclane-Svoboda presented her data at the Undergraduate Research forum MID-SURE 

To see Autumns MID-SURE presentation click here


September 1, 2020. Welcome to our rotation student Kaitlyn Gordon

We are excited to have Kaitlyn rotate with us in the Fall. Kaitlyn recently joined the MSU Neuroscience Graduate Program after obtaining her Masters degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Wayne State University (MI). Kaitlyns' rotation project will focus on how the brains circadian pacemaker, the SCN, adapts to pregnancy.

August 19, 2020. Congratulations to Thu for passing her comprehensive exam

Thu is a dual-degree student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Osteopathic Medicine.

July 1, 2020. Welcome to our rotation student Brooke Devries

Welcome back (Brooke has been an undergraduate student in the lab for 2 years ;)). We are excited to have you rotate in the lab as part of the MSU Neuroscience Graduate Program Rotations. Brookes rotation project will focus on the role of the transcription factor VAX1 in specific SCN neurons. 

June 10, 2020 Back in the lab after COVID-19 lock down!

COVID-19 cases are continuing to decrease in Michigan and ISTB is being reopened for research-taking numerous safety precautions. It is great to finally be back after 2.5 months of lock down!

May 10, 2020. Being a mentor is the greatest pleasure in science. I am very honored for the "Shoutout" from my student Tulasi Talluri


February 28, 2020. Editorial for special issue published

Check out the editorial for the special issue on Hormone release patterns in mammals:

MCE editorial

February 17-18, 2020. Lab moving to ISTB

Lab moved to the newly constructed Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building (ISTB) on campus!

Lab move Feb 2020

February 11, 2020. Our paper is accepted in Journal of Neuroscience Research

Our paper showing how circadian rhythms change throughout the reproductive axis during the estrous cycle and in pregnancy is accepted for publication! Congratulations to all the authors-Alex, Thu and Duong, and thank you to everyone for feedback on the manuscripts and experiments!

February 3, 2020. Welcome to Dana Skarra

Dana Skarra, PhD, is joining the lab to help us develop our translational research program!

December 2019, Congratulations to Brooke for graduating from the MSU Neuroscience BS program!!!

Brooke graduation 2019

November 20, 2019 Tulasi's research experience in the Hoffmann lab with the SRF fellowship is featured on the RDSP website!

Tulasi RDSP jpg

November 19, 2019 Review paper published in MCE

This review focuses on the contribution of cellular circadian rhythm in reproductive axis function, with a focus on hormone release and tissue sensitivity


November 9, 2019 Paper published in Molecular Neurobiology

We here identify Vax1 as a transcription factor required for SCN development. In addition we show that one of the two Gnrh-cre alleles used targets the SCN causing impaired SCN output in both Vax1 and Six6 conditional knock-out mice. This paper is a reminder to properly understand the potential impact of ectopic cre-allele expression in the obtained results.

November 6, 2019. Halloween themed Bowling 

Group Bowling Nov 2019 truned

We had a great evening with a high and low score winner!!!

And some great costumes!

Bowling pics

 October 11, 2019. Welcome to Aneesh and Autumn

Welcome to our two new undergraduate volunteers Autumn and Aneesh.

Autumns research in the lab will focus on shift-work and circadian rhythms, whereas Aneesh's research will be on GPCR pharmacology! 

August-September, 2019: Lots of celebrations

We have  had a great start on the new school year where we have:

  • Welcomed our rotation student Rabail Khan (Fulbright Scholar) to our lab!
  • Celebrated Thu's home purchase-Yeah!
  • Celebrated Duong's birthday-Congratulations! 
  • Published our first paper showing that VAX1 is required for SCN development and function-congrats everyone!

June 17, 2019. Welcome to Alexandra Yaw

Alexandra (Alex) Yaw obtained her PhD in Neuroscience at Kent State University (2019).  She is the first postdoc in the Hoffmann lab. A warm welcome to Alex! 

May 31, 2019 MARTS (Michigan Alliance for Reproductive Technologies and Sciences). 

MARTS 2019 was hosted by MSU East Lansing.


Dr. Hoffmann was one of the organizers of MARTS 2019-an event attended by +120 students, staff and faculty.

Thu (graduate student) gave an oral presentation at MARTS on her research project focused on the role of circadian rhythms in the timing of labor onset.


Tulasi presented her work and progress at MARTS 2019. Tulasi's poster was on the topic of circadian rhythms and female fertility.


April 2019. All students present their work at conferences

University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF)-poster presentations by Tulasi and Brooke

  Brooke AUUFF 2019

Brooke at UURAF-Congratulations to Brooke for receiving the Honorable Mention Award at the MSUFCU poster session at the 2019 Lyman Briggs Research Symposium. 

UURAF Tulasi 2019

Tulasi at UURAF


Thu Duong (graduate student) presented her work at the yearly APSA meeting in Chicago


April 2019. Birthday celebration at group meeting ;)


April 2019. Welcome to Mohammed Asad

Mohammed is an undergraduate in the Neuroscience program at MSU

February 2019. Oral presentation at AGAC conference by Thu

Thu gave an oral presentation at the Annual Graduate Academic Conferences at MSU


January 2019. Congratulations to Tulasi Talluri

Tulasi received the 2019 Summer Research Fellowship Award from the Endocrine Society


December 2019. Celebrating the end of 2018 and the start of 2019

Lab lunch 2018
Happy New Year!


October 2018. Dr. Hoffmann presents the Neuroscience Graduate Seminar (MSU)


October 13, 2018. First paper from the Hoffmann lab is published in Jove

Determination of Reproductive Competence by Confirming Pubertal Onset and Performing a Fertility Assay in Mice and Rats


August 29, 2018 Welcome to Gloria Yarandi

Gloria is an undergraduate student in the Neuroscience and Psychology Program.

August 17, 2018 Welcome to Thu Van Quynh Duong

Welcome to the first rotation student in the lab- Thu Duong. Thu is part of the PhD/DO program at MSU.

August 1, 2018 Welcome to the Duong Nguyen-lab manager

Welcome to my first lab manager- Duong Nguyen. She is joining us from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) from where she obtained a Masters Degree in Biological Sciences. Duong has expertise in microbiology, computational biology and comparative genomics.

July 15-18, 2018 ICN meeting Toronto

Thank you to the organizers of ICN for such an outstanding and interactive meeting.

Dr. Hoffmann chaired the session "Circadian and Seasonal Changes in Brain Function and Behaviour" and presented her current work on the role of circadian rhythms in fertility.

March 26, 2018 

We have published some exciting new findings in Molecular Neurobiology showing that haploinsufficiency of the homeodomain transcription factor Six3 leads to male infertility due to impaired development of the main olfactory epithelium (MOE, nose area detecting volatile odors), disrupting the capacity of the male to smell female pheromones, impairing male sexual behavior.

Pandolfi Six3 HET Mol Neuro 18 jpg 


March 1, 2018 

Dr. Hoffmann starts as Assistant Professor in Animal Science