• 2009 MSU Turfgrass Research Reports

    Published on May 29, 2015

  • Purchasing Quality Turfgrass Seed: Read the Label

    Published on May 28, 2015
    Purchasing quality turfgrass seed for reestablishing lawns or establishing new lawns is critical to the future success of the lawn. Several key words often seen on bags of lawn seed are common indicators of what turfgrass species the bag contains.

  • Cultivation of Lawns

    Published on May 28, 2015
    Soil compaction, soil layering and excessive thatch buildup are common problems on home lawns in Michigan.

  • Lawn Care without Pesticides

    Published on May 6, 2015

  • GDDTracker 4.0

    Published on May 6, 2015

  • MSU Turf Insects

    Published on May 6, 2015

  • Go Green Lawncare Tip Sheet

    Published on May 6, 2015
    The Go Green Lawncare Tip Sheet details mowing, watering, fertilizing and other helpful tips for keeping your grass and lawns well maintained.

  • Michigan Fresh: Summer Lawn Care

    Published on January 26, 2015
    Lawn and turf care includes more than mowing and watering.

  • MSU Turf Diseases

    Published on July 27, 2012
    MSU Turf Diseases.net is intended to help you learn the key identification characteristics of common and not-so-common turfgrass diseases found in Michigan and the Midwest.

  • Gardening in Michigan

    Published on April 24, 2012
    Whether you are looking to save money, love fresh flavor, or just enjoy working with nature, Michigan is a great place for growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and other landscape plants.