Support Monarchs


Monarch populations are declining due to a number of threats such as loss of habitat, pesticides, predators and climate change. The two easiest ways to help monarchs are to plant milkweeds to support the egg and caterpillar stages of monarchs, and plant flowers or flowering trees and shrubs to provide nectar for adult butterflies. Below are resources to help monarchs at every stage, from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and butterfly.

General Resources

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Save the Monarch, resources organized by what individuals, communities, agriculture and right-of-way managers can do.
  • Journey North, a national website for reporting and tracking migrations including monarchs.

For Agriculture

For Gardeners & Landscapers

For K-12 Students & Teachers

Curricula, lesson plans

Schoolyard garden

Plant Lists

  • National Wildlife Federation Native Plant Finder
    • National Wildlife Federation – small-scale plantings for Washtenaw County under development
  • MSU Extension’s Native Plants and Ecosystems Services 
    • Regional plant lists for Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan
    • Plant selection tool nearing completion
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources – plant list under development