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Cabin conversations
MSU Extension educators Isabel Branstrom and Abigail Harper are the hosts of the weekly Cabin Fever Conversations.

Cabin Fever Conversations

Join MSU Extension and friends every Friday from 10-10:30 a.m. for lighthearted, educational garden conversations. Learn more and register on the Cabin Fever Conversations event page.

Watch past Cabin Fever Conversations at the links below:

Smart Gardening for Vegetables 101 Online Course

Would you like to learn how to grow vegetables? Join us for an online introductory course on Smart Gardening with Vegetables. View more information and register online.

Vegetables Live!

Watch our recorded conversations about basic considerations for vegetable gardening broadcasted live on the Gardening in Michigan Facebook page:

Bumble bees of Michigan 

Learn more about bumble bee species in Michigan, why some are in decline, and how to help their populations in the following 1 hour webinar.

Bumble bees of the Great Lakes with David Lowenstein

Educational Webinar Series for Gardeners Who Love to Learn