What participants have to say about their 4-H international exchange experience:

  • "I found myself in a culture so contrary to my own that even basic hand signals were different. But as days went by, I stopped thinking so much about the differences and started to realize how similar we all were. I challenged myself to examine my entire worldview over those two months and I am so glad I did. Not only did I gain a new perspective on culture, but I gained friends and another family across the globe." - Shanna Kowalewski, delegate to Japan. Read more of Shanna's story

  • "Traveling as an exchange delegate made my world larger. As my perception of the world grew, I grew along with it." - Zoe Bungart, delegate to Norway. Read more of Zoe's story.

  • “We are having a great time hosting. When we take our Japanese student someplace we find we see things we thought we knew through different eyes, his.” -Host mother for Japanese delegate

  • “What I liked best about this experience was gaining a Polish sister and learning about the culture.” - Polish delegate host sister

  • “With whatever career I choose, I will be honest and respectful to everyone. That is what I learned.” - Delegate to Japan

  • “We are not All-American anymore because a wonderful blend of real German, Swedish, Swiss and Taiwanese habits has flavored our communications.” - IFYE host family

  • “My children who hosted and traveled continue to keep in touch with their host brothers in Japan and Belize. They have continued interest in other countries and cultures.” - Host mother

  • “At school, the geography classes are more interesting because we can find more countries on a map and know what life is like in other places.” - IFYE Host Sister