Reduce Invasive Pet and Plant Escapes (RIPPLE)

Non-native animals and plants are commonly available for sale at pet stores and garden centers. While a majority of these species are environmentally benign and economically valuable, some become invasive and cause significant harm if released into the wild.

To address this issue, the Reduce Invasive Pet and Plant Escapes (RIPPLE) program offers educational information to aquarium hobbyists and water gardeners about what to do with pet fish and overgrown plants so they do not get accidentally or purposely introduced into lakes and streams. Through RIPPLE, hobbyists and retailers receive aquatic plant and animal handling and disposal information, trainings and educational materials.

Pet and pond professionals, hobbyists, and educators are invited to explore RIPPLE resources and become RIPPLE partners by learning how to prevent invasions and sharing materials and information with their clients and communities.

Learn more about RIPPLE, including available educational videos and materials, on the State of Michigan's RIPPLE webpage


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