Outreach Products

A variety of outreach materials have been developed to share RIPPLE's message of "do not release". These materials can be used in retail pet and garden stores, environmental centers or handed out at events. All of these materials and more are available for free while supplies last.

Order free materials here

RIPPLE Brochure_Page_2RIPPLE Brochure

(4”x9”, full color, quad-fold) describes regulated (prohibited and restricted) aquatic invasive plant species, with photographs. Text focuses on identification, and handling and disposal information for plants and animals in the aquarium and water garden industry.

A PDF version of the brochure is available here.


RIPPLE Rack Card_Page_2RIPPLE rack card

(4”x7”, full color, two-sided) includes the RIPPLE core message, and containment and disposal tips. Rack cards can be used by retailers for display near cash registers or attached to receipts at the time of sale or as an outreach piece by environmental groups.

A PDF version of the rack card is available here.



(18”x22”, full color) includes containment and disposal information as well as graphic artwork related to aquatic invasive species. For display in retail stores, schools or environmental learning centers. Printed on paper and weather-resistant vinyl.

A PDF version of the poster is available here.

WordseachYouth Word Search & Coloring Page

Features common words used to describe invasive species and aquatic plants. Can be used in schools or during youth outreach events.

A PDF version of the word search is available here.


DFW04_Digital_200X250Banner_FINAL2-jpgRIPPLE Graphics

Graphics are available for website and print usage by organizations and businesses wishing to share RIPPLE's core message.

Digital versions of these graphics are available here.