Fruittree leafroller


Fruittree leafroller

Archips argyrospila (Walker)

Lepidoptera: Tortricidae

Distribution: Most fruit-growing states and provinces in eastern North America.

The adult is red-brown with mottling (A). The translucent green caterpillar has a reddish to dark brown head and an amber to pale green thoracic shield edged with brown (B).

  • Crops Affected: apples, pears


    Attacks apple and pear mainly, plus other tree fruits on occasion. A silky web usually ties together leaves and young, partially eaten fruit; injured apples have pronounced deformations at maturity (C).


    The insect seldom causes problems. When necessary, use broad-spectrum insecticides (which can simultaneously be directed against the plum curculio) and selective insecticides (Bacillus thuringiensis and insect growth regulators).

    Similar Species

    The late-instar larva is difficult to distinguish from the obliquebanded leafroller (Choristoneura rosaceana) unless reared out to the adult stage, but the larva of the fruittree leafroller tends to be more active when held and is absent from the orchard a few weeks after fruit set.

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