4-H Leader's Association


The Kalkaska County 4-H Leadership Association is made up of the leaders and members of Kalkaska County 4-H Youth Programs. Meetings are held every month or every other month, and are open to ALL Kalkaska county 4-H members and volunteers.  


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Fund-Raiser Information and Forms 

  • Fund-raising can be a double win for 4-H groups and their members - youth will learn valuable life skills and the group will add resources to its treasury for future educational opportunities. However, fund-raising should not be the main focus of group activities nor should it exclude any individuals from participation. It should be done for the good of the total group and it should be consistent with Michigan 4-H's fund-raising polices outlined below. An educational component needs to be part of all fund-raising activities and a group needs to be able to clearly state the educational value and purpose of the fund-raiser. Profits should be used to benefit the entire group's youth whether or not they participated in a fund-raiser. This is important because groups conducting fund-raisers are expected to support the financial needs of the total group and when possible, to assist with participant costs in county, state, national and international 4-H programs. Local groups may also choose to raise money for their educational and recreational goals through fund-raising, dues or both.
  • Local groups may include fund-raising for an occasional community service-based project. However, it is not the intent of 4-H to regularly raise money for others.
  • All fund-raising activities must be reviewed and approved by the 4-H program coordinator, before the activity can be held. This is a federal regulation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires such approval for all 4-H groups. Prior staff approval of a 4-H group's fund-raising activity is important because it:
    • Gives the group permission to use the 4-H name and emblem for the fund-raising activity. 
    • Declares the event is an official 4-H fund-raising activity supported by the county program. 
    • Provides written prior approval of the event so 4-H volunteers are covered through the MSU Indemnification Policy (the University will support volunteers against a suit of legal proceeding when performing services, in this case the 4-H fundraising event).
  • To begin the review and approval process, the treasurer or the 4-H leader completes and sends the County 4-H Fund-Raiser Application to the county 4-H program coordinator, at least 10 business days before the event. The county 4-H program coordinator will notify the person who submitted the application about whether or not the fund-raiser is approved. The group may hold the fund-raising event only if it receives this approval. 
  • Within 10 business days after the end of the event, the treasurer or the 4-H leader must submit the County 4-H Fund-Raising Report Form. If it is an ongoing activity, the end date must be on or before August 31 of each year.