The Legume Systems Research Innovation Lab has awarded initial activity grants. These non-competitive awards are designed to be of short duration to provide key input and quick gains for the Legume Systems Innovation Lab. They were selected based on the quality of their research concepts, relation to the overarching research goals, and the diversity of institutions represented. Each project proposes a clear result that will be transferred to farmers, policy makers, or other researchers.

Project Title: Sustainable Insect Pest Management for Cowpea in West Africa

Location: West Africa

Contact: Dr. Manuele Tamo, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture,


Photo credit: Georg Goergen, IITA.


Project Title: Evaluating spatial resolution of remote sensing imagery to monitor crop growth in legume-based cropping systems: how much information is lost due to coarse spatial resolution?

Location: Central America and West Africa

Contact: Dr. Bruno Basso, Michigan State University,


Photo courtesy of Bruno Basso.


Project Title: Systems research to identify legume options for sustainable intensification:  Pigeonpea as a test case for scaling in West Africa

Location: West Africa

Contact: Dr. Sieglinde Snapp, Michigan State University,


Photo courtesy of Sieglinde Snapp.


Project Title: Selection and Release of Climate Resilient Common Bean Germplasm for the Highlands and Dry Corridor of Central America

Location: Central America

Contact: Dr. Phil McClean, North Dakota State University,


Photo courtesy of Phil McClean.

Project Title: Enhancing Resilience and Nutrition in the Peanut Basin of Senegal through Increased Integration of Newly Released, Improved Cowpea Varieties

Location: West Africa

Contact: Dr. Zachary P. Stewart, Kansas State University,


Photo courtesy of Zachary Stewart.

Project Title: Measuring Cowpea Consumption

Location: West Africa

Contact: Dr. Mark Manary, Washington University in St. Louis,


Photo courtesy of Mark Manary.