The goal of Michigan 4-H Youth Development is that every youth possess the necessary life skills to be successful. Life skills are a basic foundation that prepare youth for success in life.

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Want to develop skills that will impact your future?

Whether you’re showing an animal, shooting a bow, learning about legislation, building a robot or something else, Michigan 4-H has a lot to offer. While youth learn about their specific project area, they’re also learning something else: critical life skills that help them contribute to their communities now and in the future.

By using the experiential learning model to deliver its programs, Michigan 4-H utilizes a learn-by-doing approach that offers youth hands-on activities in which they develop life skills. The foundation for a lifetime of success, these crucial life skills include practical skills such as goal-setting, record-keeping and critical thinking, as well as personal and interpersonal skills such as leadership, teamwork, character, communication, self-esteem and responsibility.

For resources to support life skill development and experiential learning visit Life Skills Resources. You can also find the products listed individually under the “Resources” page and listed at the MSU Extension Bookstore.