Local Government Information

Mason County Government

County Administrator, Fabian Knizacky 843-7999
County Clerk, Cheryl Kelly 843-8202
Prosecuting Attorney,  Lauren R. P. Kreinbrink 845-7377
Register of Deeds, Diane L. Englebrecht 843-4466
Sheriff, Kim C. Cole 843-3475
Treasurer, Andrew Kmetz IV 843-8411
Circuit Court Judge, Susan K. Sniegowski 845-0516
District Court Judge, John D. Middlebrook 843-4130
Judge of Probate, Jeffrey C. Nellis 843-8666
Juvenile Court 845-1213
Attorney Magistrate, Glenn Jackson III 843-9717
Friend of the Court, Mark Niemeyer 843-4791
Equalization Dept., Thomas Routhier, Director 845-6288

Mason County Board of Commissioners

Janet Andersen, Chairman of the Board

Steve Hull, Vice-Chairman of the Board

District 1 Nick Krieger 794-9307
District 2 Gary Castonia 845-0027
District 3 Jordon (Jody) Hartley 690-2960
District 4 Lewis Squires


District 5 Steven Hull 843-3974
District 6 Janet S. Andersen 843-3010
District 7 Ron Bacon 510-0818

Mason County Agencies

Airport, John L. O'Connor, Manager 843-2049
Child Protective Services 845-7394
County Animal Control, Sarah Colbrook; Mitchell Hamm 843-8644
Department of Human Services 845-7391
Department of Public Works 757-9370
Drain Commissioner, Dan Rohde 757-9366
Mason County Growth Alliance 845-6646
Emergency Management, Elizabeth Reimink 845-5911
Health Department 845-7381
Mason County Campground & Picnic Area 845-7609
Mason County District Library Ludington Branch 843-8465
Mason County District Library Scottville Branch 757-2588
Zoning, Building Adm., & Inspection 757-9272
Oakview Medical Care Facility 845-5185
Road Commission 757-2882
Surveyor, Jim Nordlund 843-8225
West Michigan Community Mental Health System 845-6294
Veteran's Trust, John Cotten 233-8113