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Mecosta County 4-H Council is made up of adult and youth volunteers. Members serve on the council as long as they are in good standing in Mecosta County 4-H. Anyone with a sincere interest in the well-being and promotion of the Mecosta County 4-H Program is eligible to serve on the Council.

So just what does the Council do?

The Council sets policies for the County 4-H Program, raises money for 4-H activities, helps out at events and the fair, plans the annual awards banquet, provides scholarships to 4-H members and leaders and reviews fundraising requests.

Here are just a few examples of all the things our County Council does:

  • Annual County Awards Banquet
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt (at fair)
  • Senior Scholarships
  • Plat Book Sales
  • sponsors PEP (Proud Equestrian Program)
  • ANRS (Agricultural and Natural Resources Stewardship) Days and summer camp programs
  • provides resources for members and leaders
  • purchased learning animal life skills sets and project books for livestock members
  • 4-H Holiday party
  • And much, much more.

The 4-H Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month, with the exception of July. The meetings are held at the Mecosta County Services Building, beginning at 6:30 p.m. and are open to the public.

4-H Council Adult Members

  • Tiffany Spedowski
  • Starlene Lancewicz
  • Faith Kwiatkowski
  • Deborah Niedzielski
  • Julie Strohkirch
  • Chad Leal

4-H Council Youth Members

  • Kelsei Rushmore
  • Hannah Koch
  • Chloe Steiner
  • Grace Kwiatkowski
  • Ruthie Doughty
  • Elizabeth Underhill


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