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 "I found the Michigan Master Naturalist class to be very enriching and beneficial for me. I look forward to using the knowledge gained to continue stewarding the natural resources where I live."

"I'm glad to have had the presentations on how habitat rehabilitation/renewal fits in a suburban area.  I have a background in biology (ages ago) but the classes gave me new ways to think about ecology concepts and how to talk about them to other people (example - use of "corridors" to connect small areas of natives)."  

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"I gained knowledge in every topic, but especially the Fishes topic. Learning how to identify some of MI's most colorful and smallest fish was quite exciting."

"I learned so much about the various forest types we have here in Michigan. I have put this knowledge to the test as I have hiked forest areas, this year, from the coastal UP to southeastern Michigan. It is a joy to know that we still have thriving systems that we can protect and preserve for future generations!"

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"I will use my conservation plan! I know it will be added to and adjusted. As I plan my flowerbeds and landscaping at my new home I will be using appropriate natives. I will be providing shelters for many animals as outlined in our PDF guide."

"Yes, I found the assigned book "Bringing Nature Home" very inspirational. I already integrated topics in the book into my landscaping and gardening at my nature center, including the expansion of our native plants and educational signage for visitors."

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