Flipped Classroom 

A flipped classroom means that instruction moves from group instruction to individual learning. Our new online learning format will depend heavily on the trainee doing dynamic pre and post learning activities with group time spent with live presenters reinforcing the readings and other lessons. 

Trainees should have:

  • Access to Technology:
    • Reliable internet connections via a smart phone, tablet, or computer with speakers.
    • Optionally also have, a microphone and video camera for a fuller learning experience
  • Transportation to parks, trails, and other remote locations of interest 
  • A Michigan State Parks Recreation Passport - recommended but not required


To become certified as a Michigan Master Naturalist, each trainee is expected to:

1. Access the online learning classroom, Desire 2 Learn (D2L), attend the monthly live lectures, and participate in the regional host's suggested or led outdoor experience for all sessions of the Course. (Exceptions and accommodations for State and University COVID-19 illness, and restrictions and guidelines are considered.) 

2. Complete all assignments of the Course during dedicated times and prior to their deadlines; and

3. Complete and pass the open book Final Examination with 80% accuracy.

Each participant who satisfies all these obligations will be certified as a “Michigan Master Naturalist” and receive a certificate and cloth badge to be sewn on a visible and respectful place on clothing.

Certification must be re-validated every two years with confirmation of  a minimum of 8 hours of related continuing education and small processing fee. Renewal certificates and a renewal bar patch will be sent that can be added to your original sew on patch.