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Pesticide Certification Testing Dates for Montcalm and Newaygo Counties

To register for Pesticide Certification Testing anywhere in the State of Michigan, please go to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development website: 


Commercial Soil Tests
Thank you for your interest in soil testing. The soil testing procedure for, residential, agricultural, wildlife, and commercial soil analysis through MSU is undergoing upgrades and changes. We are anticipating the new procedures to be in place this spring. Until then, MSU Extension encourages landowners to utilize commercial soil testing labs until our streamlined soil sample submittal and testing procedures are finalized.
MSU Extension soil fertility recommendations for crop nutrients and lime, can still be obtained through our on-line MSU Fertilizer Recommendation Program, MSUE educators and fertility specialists are available to answer your soil fertility and management questions.

Soil Labs:
A&L Labs: (260) 483-4759
Midwest Lab: (402) 334-7770
New Age Labs: (269) 637-5658

Home & Garden Self-mailer kits:
Thank you for your interest in soil testing! The residential soil testing program for home lawns and gardens is expected to resume by early spring 2023.

MSU Diagnostic Testing

  • Insect, Plant, and Nematode Testing
    • We assist a wide variety of people experiencing problems with plants and pests.  There are many things that cause plant problems.  Our laboratory specializes in diagnosing problems caused by arthropods (insects, mites, ticks, etc.), pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses), and nematodes.

       Here are some of the samples we accept for diagnosis:

      • Plants or plant parts for insect, pathogen and nematode analysis
      • Insects, mites, ticks, spiders and other arthropods for identification
      • Soil and tissue samples for nematode analysis
      • Weeds and plants for identification

      Samples may be submitted to the lab by mail or you can drop samples off at our facility.  We will analyze the sample for a nominal fee and provide a diagnosis or identification of the problem as well as recommendations for control.  

For more information and testing prices, please follow this link to the MSU Diagnostic Laboratory website: 

MSU Variety Trials

For the most up-to-date MSU Variety Trial results for corn, soybeans, wheat and forage crops; please follow this link: