• Montcalm Research Center: An Overview

    Researchers at the Montcalm Research Center focus their research efforts on potatoes and dry beans.

  • Enhancing Potato-Production Strategies

    Researchers at Montcalm Research Center conduct in-depth field, nutrient-management and production strategy research for Michigan potato growers.

  • Michigan beans: Contending with White Mold

    The Montcalm Research Center is a large research nursery. Researchers perform variety testing on large seeded beans, looking for performance and adaptation. They also study disease resistance, one such disease being white mold.

  • Potato Breeding Montcalm Style

    MSU AgBioResearch's Montcalm Research Center is the primary location for testing advanced material in Michigan State University's potato breeding program.

  • A Maize of hybrids

    AgBioResearch scientists are conducting corn hybrid trials across the state in 19 locations, running 14 grain trials and 11 silage trials. All told, with 346 hybrids grown, an amazing amount of information is provided to growers.

  • Enriching Potato Breeding, Genetics and Storage Practices

    Researchers at Montcalm Research Center are studying potato breeding and genetics, variety development and better storage practices for Michigan potato growers and the nation's potato chip industry.

  • Combatting Colorado Potato Beetle

    Researchers at Montcalm Research Center are studying Michigan Potato's number one pest: Colorado Potato Beetles, which is resistant to several insecticides.

  • Curbing Michigan Potato Diseases

    Researchers at Montcalm Research Center are studying seed-borne, foliar and storage diseases that attack Michigan potatoes.