Making a difference in Montmorency County

The 6-year 0.25-mill renewal request that will appear on the August 6, 2024, ballot will provide continued funding for MSU Extension educational programs in Montmorency County.

On August 6, 2024, voters will be able to vote on a 0.25-mill renewal request that provides funding for MSU Extension.

The 6-year renewal will continue funding for MSU Extension educational programs in Montmorency County, such as:

  • 4-H Youth Development
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness
  • Child and Family Development
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Natural Resources

The property tax will cost the average Montmorency County homeowner less than $12.50 a year.

Highlights of the many ways that Montmorency County residents have benefited from MSU Extension programs in the past year follow.

4-H Youth Development

Montmorency County youth develop critical life skills in 4-H clubs and groups and in early childhood, after-school and school enrichment programs. 

Food Safety

Montmorency County food entrepreneurs and staff at local restaurants, the county fairgrounds and senior centers were trained and certified in U.S. Department of Agriculture–recommended safe food practices.

Natural Resource Stewardship
Montmorency County youth and families have learned to better understand and protect their land and water resources for future generations through participation in MSU Extension natural resource education programs.

Health and Nutrition

Montmorency County adults and youth have made strides toward healthier living through participating in programs on disease prevention and management, food preservation, nutrition, and physical activity. 

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Montmorency County is home to over 150 farms that can benefit from MSU Extension–delivered research on proven practices and strategies for increasing farm production and profit and reducing risks to crops, plants, livestock and the environment.