We investigate questions in moth ecology and science education, sometimes simultaneously.

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The Moth-Ed lab has a dual focus in moth ecology and science education research (both SoTL and DBER).

With regards to the former, we investigate the biotic and abiotic drivers of Lepidoptera assemblage diversity, richness and abundance over moderate temporal and spatial scales. This includes current work being driven by PhD student, Nicole Wonderlin, who is researching the role of moths as nocturnal pollinators.

With regards to the latter, we explore novel classroom pedagogies, inquiry-based lab curricula, and effective evolution education approaches for higher-ed and K-12 settings.This includes current work being driven by postdoctoral research associate, Alexa Warwick, who is researching and developing interactive, NGSS-compliant evolution education resources for grade 10-12 highschool classes. Some of this work is aligned with our former work, developing and testing the impact of integrative cases of trait evolution, found at www.evo-ed.org.