ReGrow Milkweed for Monarchs is a citizen science study testing ways to improve habitat for monarch butterflies.

Welcome to MSU Regrow Milkweed for Monarchs: A Citizen Science Study!

What does it mean to ReGrow Milkweed for Monarchs? When common milkweed stems are cut back during the summer, they produce new growth within a few weeks. These regrowing stems attract egg laying monarch butterflies and may be a safer environment for monarch eggs and caterpillars. The purpose of this citizen science experiment is to test this technique as a strategy to improve monarch butterfly habitat.

What do we mean by citizen science? Citizen science, also known as community science, crowd science, crowd-sourced science, or civic science, is scientific research in which members of the public collect some or all of the data. We want to emphasize that this use of the word 'citizen' has nothing to do with citizenship status in the US or any other country, and anyone can participate in this project!

You can find everything you need to know to participate in this project right here on this website. You may also find us on twitter @RegrowMilkweed and our Facebook Page @MSUReGrowMilkweed

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