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Through the personal goal setting online course with health mentoring, participants will work towards setting goals as a key component to achieve where they want to be. Along with personal goal setting, other topic areas include nutritional needs and physical activity, building a healthy MyPlate, energy – a balancing act, picking the best portions, healthy habits for a healthy life and many others.

Although a healthy lifestyle is important for those of any age, making positive choices in terms of health and fitness as adults is crucial in determining many factors. Eating well reduces the risk of chronic disease, promotes energy and ultimately affects an individual’s weight and how they feel. Within the health mentoring function of the program, you can connect with an individual health coach to provide feedback and guidance.

Because the My Way to Wellness course is offered online, it is easy to accommodate to any schedule. Participants can complete the program at ease in the comfort of their own home or personal setting.

My Way to Wellness is free of charge to qualifying EBT members and offered at a very low cost for others.

The online course includes pre and post results on behavioral patterns with 11 self-paced modules that include physical activity and food safety demonstration videos.

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