Using Michigan native plants to produce win-win situations for agriculture, communities and the environment.

Encourage pollinators and other beneficial insects by planting native plants

Most plants need pollination to reproduce and grow fruit. Without pollinators, we would have little to no fruit, fewer vegetables and many plant species would not survive. Insect predators and parasites, known as natural enemies, help control pest populations in crops and gardens. This biological control and pollination are ecosystem services from native plants. Native plants are pre-adapted to local conditions and naturally support native bees and other beneficial species. Michigan State University entomologists have been testing Michigan native and other plants for these purposes and share their results with you through the recommendations at this website. Find out how to select and grow native plants on your farm, garden or community setting by following the links in our navigation.

Watch the following video on our research behind this website as presented to farmers for North Central SARE.

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