Strategic, Focused Collaboration Gets Results

Whether applied to a city’s infrastructure project or a nonprofit’s strategic plan, the NCI Charrette System transforms decision-making. By shifting out of single-interest silos and disconnected meetings, and into a cross functional, transparent and compressed design process, collaborative solutions are accomplished in a fraction of the time and receive broad support from stakeholders.

Save Time and Money

Time compression facilitates creative problem-solving by accelerating decision-making and reducing unconstructive negotiation tactics. Design at varying scales cross-informs the decision-making process and reduces the likelihood that a fatal flaw will be overlooked that could result in costly rework.

Build Trust

Communication among participants occurs in short feedback loops, building trust in the process and ensuring that all voices affect the outcome. By measuring progress against agreed-upon desired outcomes, the transparency of the decision-making process is ensured and participants can see that the project is being implemented as planned.

Turn Vision into Action

All relevant stakeholders and areas of expertise are included in the process. Participants work together from the onset to build a detailed solution, leading to a higher level of stakeholder support throughout implementation. From the beginning, feasibility is a focus of the discussion, bringing a level of rigor to the process for everyone involved.

Create Innovative Solutions

Uninterrupted immersion in a design effort leads to unexpected and creative outcomes. The best plans are made by many hands.