Genus Acrobeles

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            Family Cephalobidae
                        Genus Acrobeles



Genus Acrobeles Linstow, 1877

"Body small to large (0.3-1.1mm). Cuticle 'single' or 'double', with large to very large annules, with or without longitudinal striae, punctuatios and/or pores. Lateral field with two or three incisures. Amphids relatively distinct, circular. Labial probolae long, deeply bifurcated, each prong with at least seven tines. Cephalic probolae high, triangular , separate and fringed by numerous tines, demarcating cephalic axils that are equally deep. Primary axils with two indistinct guard processes. Cheilorhabdia large and spherical in cross-section. Pharyngeal corpus cylindrical to fusiforn, not distinctly swollen posteriorly. Female tail convex-conoid, dorsally sigmoid-conoid or uniformly sigmoid-conoid, pointed. Diagnosis modified from Shahina & De Ley (1997)." W. Bert and G. Borgonie, 2006.



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