Genus Actinolaimus

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Family Actinolaimidae

Genus Actinolaimus, Cobb 1913

Diagnosis: “Actinolaimidae.  Cuticle with prominent cuticular ridges; lip region wide and low; vestibular ring sclerotized.  Odontostyle robust.  Vaginal refractive part with sclerotized pieces; male supplements in two fascicles.  Tail elongate in females, short and rounded in males. Type species A. tripapillatus (Daday, 1905) Steiner, 1916 (Surinam, Paraguay, USA).” Vinciguera, 2006


Vinciguerra, M.T.  2006.  Dorylaimida Part II: Superfamily Dorylaimoidea.  In: Eyualem Abebe, Traunspurger W., and Andrassy I. (eds) Freshwater Nematodes: Ecology and Taxonomy. CABI Publishing, Cambridge, MA, pp. 392-467

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