Genus Aphelenchus

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            Family Aphelenchidae
                        Genus Aphelenchus


Genus Aphelenchus
Bastian, 1865
Syn. Isonchus, Cobb, 1913
Aphelenchus (Aphelenchus) Bastian, 1865.  (Cobb, 1927)
Metaphelenchus Steiner, 1943

“Aphelenchidae:  Body tapering anteriorly.  Cuticle transversely striated.  Lateral field with numerous incisures.  Deirids present at about level of the excretory pore.  Head slightly offset.  Spear shaft with slight thickenings at the base.  Procorpus cylindrical, constricted slightly where it joins the ovoid median oesophageal bulb which contains prominent, median, crescentic valve plates.  Oesophageal glands usually with, sometimes without a lobe overlapping the intestine dorso-laterally and joining the alimentary canal where the nerve ring surrounds it just posterior to the median bulb.  Excretory pore about opposite nerve ring.  Intestine joined to median bulb by a short isthmus about 11/2 body-widths long.  Vulva posterior, ovary outstretched, prodelphic; a post vulval sac present, rather obscure but usually reaching about half-way from vulva to anus.  Vagina with thickened walls.  Rectum about one to two body-widths long.  Tail between on and four anal body-widths long, cylindrical to a rounded end.  Phasmids subterminal.  Male with bursa usually supported by one pre-anal and about three post-anal, subterminal pairs of ribs.  Spicules paired, slender, ventrally slightly arcuate, proximally slightly cephalated.  Gubernaculum about a third as long as the spicules.” Description- Goodey & Hooper, 1965 and Powers and Mullin website


Goodey J.B, and D.J. Hooper. 1965.  A neotype of Aphelenchus avenae Bastian, 1865 and the rejection of Metaphelenchus Steiner, 1943.  Nematologica 11:55-65.

Powers T. and P. Mullin. Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematodes. University of Nebraska Nematology Website.