Genus Belondira

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Family Belondiridae

Genus Belondira, Thorne 1939

"Diagnosis. Belondirinae. Small to medium-sized nematodes, 0.7-2.0 mm long. Habitus after fixation straight or somewhat ventrad curved. Lip region with pre- and/or post-labial sclerotizations more or less (usually well) developed. Amphidial fovea with opening occupying practically the whole body diameter. Odontostyle rather slender, and shorter than lip region width, but long and needle-like in B. tenuidens; odontophore rod-like, lacking any perculiar differentiation. Slender anterior portion of the pharynx more or less muscular, with an ellipsoidal swelling behind its junction to the odontophore and extending gradually into the basal expansion; this latter surrounded by a distinct spiral muscular sheath. Female genital system mono-opisthodelphic, with its anterior branch absent or reduced to a pre-vulval sac of variable length. Males bearing one or two widely separated ventro-median supplements. Tail similar in both sexes: rounded to clavate, usually with (sometimes very) thickened inner cuticle layer. Remarks: Ferris et al . (1983) published the most recent revision of the genus, including descriptions and a key to its species. Mainly soil nematodes, but at least four of its almost 40 species have been recorded from freshwater habitats". From Peña Santiago 2006

“Definiton: Belondiridae.  Body tapering conspicuously to the very narrow lip region.  Tails short, rounded or conical-attenuated.  Pores of lateral chords in a single species.  Spear rather irregular in outline.  Guiding ring obscure.  Posterior muscular part of the oesophagus surrounded by a spiral sheath of muscular tissue, not offset by constriction.  Nucleus of dorsal oesophageal gland conspicuous.  Female gonad posterior, single and reflexed; anterior part rudimentary.  Testes 2, dorylaimoid.  Spicules dorylaimoid; lateral guiding pieces present.  Supplements are an adanal pair and a series of low, rounded elements, only 2-3 in number and spaced far apart.” From Goodey, 1963 and Powers and Mullin website


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