Genus Clarkus

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            Family Mononchidae
                        Genus Clarkus, Jairajpuri, 1970


“Diagnosis: Mononchinae.  Body length between 0.7 and 2.7 mm.  Stoma barrel shaped, nearly twice as long as wide.  Dorsal tooth directed forward, located in anterior half of stoma; it is opposed by a longitudinal ridge  on each ventrosublateral wall abruptly ending anteriorly almost tooth like.  Posterior third of pharynx with pearl-shaped structure.  Female didelphic; V≈45-70%.  Males rare.  Supplements 10-19; spicules relatively short.  Tail in both sexes conoid, ventrally arcuate, with rudimentary glands and without spinneret.

Type species C. papillatus (Bastian, 1865) Jairajpuri, 1970.  In all continents expect Antartica” Zullini and Peneva, 2006.


Powers T. and P. Mullin. Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematodes. University of Nebraska Nematology Website.   Images:
Genus comparisons- Mononchid heads
Genus comparisons- Mononchid tails

Zullini A. and Peneva V.  2006.  Order Mononchida.  In: Eyualem Abebe, Traunspurger W., and Andrassy I. (eds) Freshwater Nematodes: Ecology and Taxonomy. CABI Publishing, Cambridge, MA, p. 468-496