Genus Gracilacus

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            Family Tylenchulidae
                        Genus Gracilacus

Gracilacus Raski, 1962

Description: “ Small species <0.5 mm.  Most juveniles with elongate stylet.  Female slender to obese with a stylet 48-119 µm in length.  Body posterior to vulva elongate.  Cuticle finely annulated, without ornamentation.  Excretory pore generally in region of metacarpus near the valve or farther anterior but may be near nerve ring.  Male slender, active; stylet absent or much reduced.  Caudal alae represented by thickened, cuticular evaginations.  Ovary single.  Testis one.” Mai and Mullin, 1996 and Raski 1962


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Raski, D. J. 1962. Paratylenchidae n. fam. with descriptions of five new species of Gracilacus n.g. and an emendation of Cacopaurus Thorne, 1943, Paratylenchus Micoletzky, 1922 and Criconematidae Thorne, 1943. Proc. Helminth. Soc. Wash., 29: 189-207.