Genus Longidorus

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Family Longidoridae

Genus Longidorus

“Exceedingly long slender nemas with large amphidial pouches and elongated, slender spears without flanges on their extensions.
Type species:  Longidorus elongatus (deMan, 1876) Thorne and Swanger 1936.
Nemas of this genus usually occur in small numbers.” From Powers and Mullin website

Diagnosis for Family Longidoridae: "Dorylaimoidea. Cuticle smooth. Labial framework and mouth cavity with sclerotized pieces. Odontostyle dorylaimoid; simple or double. Expanded part of pharynx about one-third its length. Second pair of sub-ventral glands and nuclei located far anterior to pharynx base. Female reproductive apparatus amphidelphic or mono-opisthodelphic. Tail similar or different in both sexes. The family includes many genera and species, which are typical inhabitants of terrestrial habitats, even though a few species have been occasionally found in wet habitats." Vinciguerra, 2006


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