Genus Mylonchus

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            Family Mylonchulidae
                        Genus Mylonchus


Genus Mylonchulus Cobb, 1916

“Definition:  Mononchidae.  Stoma goblet-shaped and not very large.  Dorsal tooth large, rather thorn-like, pointing forwards, opposed by 2-13 rows of minute denticles spreading round the subventral walls as rasp-like areas and a pair of small subventral teeth opposite the base of the dorsal tooth.  Oesphago-intestinal juncion non-tuberculate.  Ovaries paired; rarely single, pro- or opisthodelphic.  Tails usually short, sometimes small; caudal glands and terminal duct usually present; duct often subterminal.” From Goodey 1963 and Powers and Mullin website     



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