Genus Panagrobelus

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            Family Panagrolaimidae
                        Genus Panagrobelus

Panagrobelus Thorne 1939

Stoma with 12 thread-like projections that are angled inward.  Lips are thin with an overhanging mouth.  The margins of the lips are weakly sclerotized and have seti like processes.  “Stegostom comprising half of stoma. Spermatheca is offset and body and tail are fairly plump (a<30, c’<5)”. DeLey et al. 2001.



Fig. 1. Camera lucida drawings of Panagrobelus stammeri female (A-H) and male (K-M), all right lateral views, and of P. incisus male
(I, J). A, B: Cephalic region showing the median optical section of the stoma (A) and position of labial papillae (B); C: Tail; D: Anterior
end; E: Entire specimen; F-H: Variations in anterior reproductive tract; I: Spermatheca; J: Spicule; K, L: Spicules.

Image taken from Stock et al. 2002 in Nematology, 2002, Vol. 4(3), 403-419


DeLey P., M. Mundo-Ocampo, and I. DeLey. 2001. Identification of Freeliving Nematodes (Sercernentea). Workshop booklet from University of California Riverside.

Stock, S.P, DeLey P., DeLey I., Mundo-Ocampo M., Baldwin J.G. and Nadler S.A.  2002.  Panagrobelus stammeri Rühm, 1956 and Plectonchus hunti n. sp.: implications of new morphological observations for characterisation of these genera (Nematoda: Panagrolaimoidea).  Nematology 4 (3): 403-419