Genus Prionchulus

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            Family Mononchidae
                        Genus Prionchulus

Prionchulus Cobb, 1916

Diagnosis:  “Mononchinae.  Body length 1-4 mm.  Stoma oblong, large, with a large dorsal anterior tooth pointing forward.  Opposite to it, two ventrosublateral denticulate longitudinal ridges.  Female didelphic; V≈ 55-70%.  Males rare.  Tails in both sexes conoid, bent ventrad, with rudimentary glands and without spinneret.”  Zullini and Peneva, 2006.



Zullini A. and Peneva V.  2005.  Order Mononchida.  In: Eyualem Abebe, Traunspurger W., and Andrassy I. (eds) Freshwater Nematodes: Ecology and Taxonomy. CABI Publishing, Cambridge, MA, p. 484.