Genus Scutellonema

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            Family Hoplolaimidae
                 Genus Scutellonema

Scutellonema Andrassy, 1958

Description:  “Lip region with horizontal and with or without longitudinal, striations. Esophageal glands overlap intestine dorsally and laterally.  Phasmids enlarged, located opposite or nearly opposite one another near anal region.  Four incisures in lateral field, areolated primarily in region of phasmids and anteriorly.  Female tail rounded.” From Sher, 1963 and Mai et al. 1996.



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Sher, S.A. 1963.  Revision of the Hoplolaiminae (Nematoda). III.  Scutellonema Andrássy, 1958.  Nematologica 9:421-443.