Genus Amphidelus

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Family Alaimidae

Genus Amphidelus

The Genus Amphidelus was found at KBS/LTER, Michigan by Frekman and Ettema (1993), Birney (unpublished data) and Quintanilla Tornel (2006, 2007 or 2008 sampling).

Genus Amphidelus Thorne, 1939

" Diagnosis. Amphidelinae. Relatively large size. Head rounded, not offset. Lip region low. Amphids pocket-shaped, well developed, apertures large transverse slits, fovea broad, deeper than wide; sometimes elongate-conoid; positioned anterior to two head diameters from anterior end, mostly at one head diameter from anterior end. Pharynx relatively short, gradually expanding in its posterior part. Secretory-excretory pore anteriorly located. Females mostly didephic-amphidelphic with reflexed ovaries (except in A dolichurus and A. pusillus); vagina thick-walled and vulva with open lips. Males monorchic with anteriorly directed testis, spicules short with central piece, 5-5 ventral pre-cloacal papillae. Many species are in mosses." N. Smol and A Coomans 2006

“Definition: Alaimoidea.  Amphid apertures large, transverse slits or crescents.  Amphids broad, deeper than wide; sometimes elongate-conoid.  Oesophagus narrow but expanding to terminal swelling.  Female gonads paired, opposed, reflexed (except in A. dolichurus and A. pusillus).  Spicules short, somewhat sigmoid in A. lemani. Type species: Amphidelus lissus Thorne, 1939” From Goodey, 1963


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