Genus Dorylaimus

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Family Dorylaimidae (need description)

Genus Dorylaimus (need images)

Dorylaimus Dujardin, 1845  

Diagnosis: “Dorylaiminae.  Cuticle thick, marked with longitudinal ridges.  Lip region moderately offset; lips distict.  Odontostyle straight, robust, 2-3 times as long as lip region width; guiding ring double.  Pre-rectum rather long, beginning well before the supplement series in males.  Supplements numerous and contiguous.  Can be found in freshwater, wet moss and soil.” From Vinciguerra, 2006.


Vinciguerra, M.T.  2006.  Dorylaimida Part II: Superfamily Dorylaimoidea.  In: Eyualem Abebe, Traunspurger W., and Andrassy I. (eds) Freshwater Nematodes: Ecology and Taxonomy. CABI Publishing, Cambridge, MA, pp. 392-467