Genus Prismatolaimus

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Family Prismatolaimidae

Genus Prismatolaimus

Genus Prismatolaimus de Man, 1880

Description:  “Prismatolaimidae.  Body length 0.4-1.9 mm.  Cuticle thin, finely annulated with scattered setae.  Head with ten cephalic setae in one circle, or in two circles very near ech other; six longer setae articulate and four shorter non-articulate.  Stoma usually wide, prismatic, rather cuticularized, in its base a small dorsal tooth and two sub-ventral swellings with or without rasp-like structures.  Amphids tranversal slits at about 2-3 cephalic diameters from anterior end.  Pharynx cylindrical, with weak tranverse fields.  Posterior to cardia, a small organ with a dorsal pore (organellum dorsal) may be present (Andrassy, 2003).  One or two ovaries consisting of few cells.  Mature eggs one at a time, 2-5 body diameters long.  Male very rare, diorchic, with 11-46 small supplements in the posterior region of body, but in some species extending up to the pharyngeal region.  Anterior end of spicules embedded in muscle tissue; gubernaculums thin.  Tail filiform in both sexes (c’=8-40); tail tip with a hook-like mucro. Type species P. intermedius (Butschli, 1873) de Man, 1880. Soil and limnic species” From Zullini 2006

“Definition:  Monhysterinae.  Cuticle with fine transverse striae, without body bristles.  Amphids slit-like and obscure.  Head not offset but with 2 circlets of 6 long and 4 shorter bristles respectively; lips rounded with a terminal circlet of 6 minute apical papillae.  Stoma less than a head-width long, fairly wide with cuticularized walls; its base sometimes with denticulated cushions and a small dorsal tooth.  Oesophagus cylindrical with a more or less spherical oesophago-intestinal cell group.  Female gonads reflexed, paired and opposed, or single.  Spicules paired and slightly arcuate; gubernaculum absent.  A series of pre-anal, mid-ventral supplements extend as far forward as the oesophageal region.  Caudal glands and a terminal duct present.” From Goodey, 1963


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