15th Annual Animal Science Graduate Research Forum

Showcasing Development and Scientific Achievement Fostering Collegiality.

The 15th Annual Animal Science Graduate Research Forum took place October 15, 2020. This year's event was held virtually with 18 presentations spread over four sessions throughout the day. The event started with remarks by College of Agriculture and Natural Resources dean Dr. Ron Hendrick and by Department of Animal Science chair Dr. Pamela Ruegg. Barry Bradford, professor and C. E. Meadows Endowed Chair in Dairy Management and Nutrition, gave the keynote address. Cathy Ernst, professor and associate chair for graduate training and research, closed the event with remarks and award presentations. This year's judges included Taylor Fabus, Dr. Jongkyoo Kim and Dr. Tasia Taxis. 


New Student Award

  • Kirby Krogstad (Advisor: Barry Bradford): "Effects of feeding pelleted distillers grains with different forage concentrations on milk production, digestibility, and rumen characteristics" K. C. Krogstad, K. J. Herrick, P. J. Kononoff

MS Awards

  • 3rd. Ariana Negreiro (Advisor: Adam Lock): "Effects of altering the ratio of palmitic to oleic acids in diets supplemented with or without amino acids on the yield of milk and milk components" Ariana N. Negreiro, Adam L. Lock
  • 2ndLauren Eichberger (Advisor: Paul Coussens): "Total and antigen-specific IgM and IgA following vaccine booster use in Bovine Leukemia Virus infected cows" Lauren A. Eichberger, Justin L. DeKuiper, Catherine Wilson, Caitlin M. Ancel, Noah Lubben, Monika Dziuba, Paul M. Coussens
  • 1st. Alisson Da Mota Santos (Advisor: Richard Pursley): "Effect of treatment with half a dose of cloprostenol sodium 3 days after AI on time to conceptus attachment in dairy heifers" A. M. Santos, T. Minela, R. R. Pursley

PhD Awards

  • 3rdJunjie Han (Advisor: Juan Steibel): "Using differential evolution to improve predictive accuracy of deep learning models applied to pig production data" Junjie Han, Cedric Gondro and Juan P. Steibel
  • 2nd. Alycia Burch (Advisor: Adam Lock): "Milk production responses of dairy cows to fatty acid supplements with different ratios of palmitic and oleic acid in low- and high-fat basal diets" A. M. Burch, J. de Souza, and A. L. Lock
  • 1stQuinn Kolar (Advisor: Pamela Ruegg): "Treatment of Non-Severe Mastitis Caused by Gram-Positive Pathogens- Results of a Preliminary Analysis" Quinn K. Kolar, Sandra M. Godden, Pamela L. Ruegg

The event ended with a virtual ice cream social.

The 2020 organizing committee consisted of Alycia Burch, Junjie Han, Cathryn Macaluso and Dr. Wen Huang. Special thanks go to Karla Macelli for continually supporting the committee. The forum was generously sponsored by COGS and the Department of Animal Science.

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