4-H camp counselor: Become one to develop leadership skills

Michigan 4-H Youth Development helps youth develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility as it trains them to become camp counselors.

Michigan 4-H works with youth ages 5 to 19. When youth reach the teen years, they have several opportunities to become a 4-H teen leader for their club, committee or advisory board. They can also develop leadership skills by learning to be a 4-H camp counselor. Youth, 15- to 19-years-old can learn and adapt these skills through opportunities offered in camp settings.

Sound Interesting? Do you like to work with younger children? Are you willing to be a good role model? Not only will you teach responsibility, safety and decision making, camp counselors also get to learn right alongside other campers.

Making sure campers are having fun and being safe are the main concerns of counselors. Other responsibilities of a camp counselor include attending an in-depth training. At these trainings, older youth learn first-aid, the ages and stages of youth development, the safety guidelines of the camp, they participate in ice-breaker activities, water safety training and other camp training requirements. Being trained in first-aid for the camp counselor role can carry over into your personal life, 4-H clubs, county fair or other events and activities that you may be involved in outside of 4-H. Having first-aid training also looks good on job resumes.

Other areas of training include learning more about camp objectives, policies, rules and procedures, and engaging in lots of positive role playing.

Kettunen Center, Michigan’s 4-H leader training facility, will offer a camp counselor and recreation workshop March 1 – 3, 2013 for youth interested in being a camp counselor or to learn recreational activities to use in 4-H club meetings or other youth programs.

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