Two CSIS members examine Great Lakes fisheries policy issues in new book

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Understanding the complex ecological, economic, social and management issues facing the United States and Canada is critical to maintaining thriving, sustainable fisheries in the Great Lakes.

A new book edited by two Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability (CSIS) members and another expert offers an informed look at the Great Lakes fisheries and their ecosystems, examining both the threats they face and the opportunities they provide for area residents and industries.

Great Lakes Fisheries Policy & Management: A Binational Perspective, edited by CSIS members Bill Taylor, University Distinguished professor in global fisheries systems, and doctoral student Abigail Lynch, as well as Nancy Leonard, ecosystem evaluation manager for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, provides an interjurisdictional and multiuse perspective shaped by both countries that govern the waters.

The 834 page book is published by the Michigan State University Press. To order the book, use this form.

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