Alumni Spotlight: Brigitte Grobbel

Brigitte Grobbel reflects on her time at MSU and discusses what she is doing now.

Brigitte, when did you graduate from MSU and what degree did you receive?

December 2006, Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science

What are some things you remember most about your time at MSU?

I was a member of the 2006 MSU Livestock Judging Team. Those days traveling and time spent in the judging van are priceless, and my successful judging career was capped off by being awarded 8th High Individual Overall at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY. Additionally, working at the MSU Purebred Beef Barn and being able to help prepare the purebred Hereford and Angus cattle for exhibition and traveling with them to State and National shows was very memorable. I was also a member of the Block & Bridle Club and chaired multiple shows and events along with attending National B&B Conventions in San Antonio, TX and Columbus, OH.

Were there any faculty members at MSU who particularly influenced you?

Dr. David Hawkins and Dr. Matt Doumit both were instrumental in helping shape me as a college student and young professional. Still to this day, Dr. Hawkins is a close mentor and supporter of mine, he always has a listening ear and helpful guidance. Not everyone is fortunate enough to call a Saddle & Sirloin inductee as a friend and counselor, but I sure am and for that I will always be grateful! Dr. Doumit lives in Idaho now, but working for him in his research lab in Anthony Hall were some of my favorite days on campus.

Where did you go after graduation?

After a brief stay in Georgia for training, I moved out west for 8 years with the company Merial Ltd. I was able to work as a Territory Manager in large animal pharmaceutical sales in Colorado and Kansas. Traveling the western states was fun and I really enjoyed my time working with veterinarians and producers. In 2015, I decided to move back to Michigan to be closer to family and cheer on my Spartans as a local, after taking a Sales Specialist position with Purina Animal Nutrition.

What are you doing now?

I currently live in DeWitt, MI as a Sales and Marketing Manager for Prenger’s Inc. which is a family owned and operated dairy equipment dealer with 5 different locations in Michigan and Ohio. I primarily work with dairy farms in Michigan that are bringing automation and robotics to use on their farms as we specialize in Lely robots. Helping farmers utilize the newest methods of milk production and feeding options to their herds has been extremely rewarding and I’m excited to see where this career will take me.

How did you spend the holidays?

With family in my hometown of Richmond, MI on the farm where I grew up. My dad always enjoys any help with chores and family evenings spent playing euchre are always fun.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

After Covid and some career changes, I really wanted to be able to volunteer and give my time back to something that gave so much to me. In spring 2022, I became an Alumni Advisor for the MSU Block & Bridle Club and also helped to mentor students with the livestock judging team. Since I was able to have so much success and experiences during my time as a student and judging team member, it felt like a great way to provide some leadership and life experience to students in the livestock and dairy industries.  I attend as many home games for MSU basketball and football as I can, and most family and friends agree I’m a diehard Spartan for life! Go Green!

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