BAE Researcher Receives 2023 Outstanding Extension Specialist Award

BAE Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Ehsan Ghane, received the Michigan Association of Extension Agents 2023 Outstanding Extension Specialist Award for his educational programming.

Ehsan Ghane

Ehsan Ghane is the recipient of the Michigan Association of Extension Agents, 2023 Outstanding Extension Specialist Award for his educational programming that has resulted in a positive response from stakeholders.

Ghane joined the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering in January 2017, and he is currently an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist. Ghane has developed research and Extension program focused on addressing Michigan stakeholder needs in agricultural water management. His work integrates and applies engineering principles to solve environmental problems and increase the profitability of crop production. He transfers his research into practical, problem-solving applications.

Ghane has created eight drainage design tools to help farmers avoid underperformance drainage issues and increase their bottom line. The tools, some of which have only been online since May 2021, have attracted over 2.1K unique users from May 2021 to September 2023. His counterparts in other Midwest states now use some of these tools in their drainage design workshops.

Ghane teaches drainage design for crop production and water-quality protection. His workshop offers a modern and simplistic approach to drainage design.

Ghane has developed nine educational videos to teach conservation practices and drainage design concepts. The videos have attracted more than 800 views on MSU Extension's Field Crops channel on YouTube.

He has developed the Drainage Extension website ( that provides education and practical solutions to drainage issues. The first of its kind in Michigan, the website hosts his other innovative technologies including tools, videos, and Extension bulletins. People from more than 20 countries have visited the website.

Ghane has also won the national award of Young Extension Professional for his outstanding educational programming from American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers in 2022.

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