Beth A. Clawson receives the 2021 Outstanding Service to MSU Extension Award

Beth A. Clawson was honored for many years of outstanding service to MSU Extension during the annual Fall Extension Conference held virtually on Sept. 28.

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension awarded the 2021 Outstanding Service to MSU Extension Award to Beth A. Clawson during the annual Fall Extension Conference held Sept. 28.

The Outstanding Service to Michigan State University (MSU) Extension is the highest honor given to staff members who have been with the organization for at least 20 years, and who have consistently exhibited leadership, service and excellence in programming or administration.

Beth A. Clawson, MSU Extension educator, exemplifies Extension leadership through her years of continued contribution to developing and delivering programs that both train potential volunteers and train the volunteer coordinator in signature program areas. Beth developed and delivered upgraded programming including Michigan Master Composter, Michigan Clean Boats Clean Waters, and the Michigan Master Naturalist program. She also created a successful webinar series for backyard conservation in response to COVID-19 lockdowns.

Beth consistently approaches her programming from a developing leader’s perspective and her programming increases the capacity of knowledge and skill for organizations and individuals. She was tasked with developing the Michigan Master Naturalist certificate program into a statewide certification course while simultaneously creating curriculum, delivering quality education, and self-funding the program. It has grown from one pilot course in 2019 to five host regions in 2021.

In addition to negotiating for substantial hosts for the Michigan Master Naturalist program, Beth facilitates a solid 13-member advisory committee for the program. Other contributions to program development are also donated by many of the speakers represented.

Beth creates legacy programming and services through each person or organization trained through any of the train-the-trainer (T3) programs or trained by people who received the T3. The new Michigan Master Naturalist certification program creates a cadre of individuals who implement sound conservation practices on their own properties to create a natural space for wildlife preservation. These individuals share their knowledge with others.

Beth Clawson has dedicated her life’s work to educating Michigan’s communities on how to implement, promote, and pass on sustainable living practices to improve the current and future status of Michigan’s natural resources. She truly deserves this highest honor given to MSU Extension professional staff members.

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