Branch County 4-H program highlights 2017

Branch County Michigan State University Extension serves 24 percent of Branch County youth ages 5 to 19 in their 4-H program.

  • Youth learn about commodities through the CIE marketing program at the March 2017 4-H Project Day which served to teach over 100 youth about projects, from rocketry and woodworking, to foods and crafts. Shown is Allison Shilling working with Carson and Garet Haylet.
  • Youth meet with State Representatives at Capital Experience.
  • Branch County 4-H Proud Equestrian Program has existed for 40 years, and continues to make an impact on both riders with disabilities and teen volunteer counselors.
  • Connie Lange, 4-H Educator and Diane Pridgeon, 4-H Volunteer, visited with all Branch County 4th graders as part of the China Art Exchange Program. Youth learned about life in China through visual letters sent to them from Chinese youth. Over 30 youth created art to send to China as part of the program.
  • Branch County 4-H’er, Asya Modert, is a leader locally and statewide who says that she wants to help the younger generation.
  • Four Branch youth attended a leadership conference at Kettenun Center, including a 4-H exchange student from Moldova hosted by the Crouch Family. Lina presented how to be a global youth leader.
  • Over 100 youth and adults took part in the annual Project Day organized by the Branch County 4-H Leader’s Council. The day, sponsored by the Branch County 4-H Foundation, was created to teach participants project skills so that they can reteach to club members, and also to exhibit at the Branch County Fair.

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